by abubusworld

Hi there,

I’m Andrei, I love taking photos, travelling and most times I end up doing things I’m not supposed to be doing; simply because they seem like fun.

In December 2016, on a beautiful winter night, while walking the beautiful streets of Paris I realized that doing what I like is the most important thing in life. I’ve also realized that never have I ever been further away from doing what I like than I was then.

I’ve always loved photography, but everyone I knew, always told me that I will never get anywhere in life if I focus on that; so I never gave it too much thought. That night it all changed and although I had no idea what exactly it is that I want to do, I was determined to do it. I started posting my photos on Facebook and Instagram. Soon after I was reaching a new all-time high of 20 likes per post. Later that month some pages started sharing my photos and I couldn’t be happier. In the following months, through social media, I got to meet amazing people, make new friends, learned more about marketing than I did in all three years of university and stumbled upon opportunities I would have never even dreamed before.

It all started with the simple decision of: doing what I like!

This website represents a new step forward for me; a new creative outlet and a place where I can share not only my passion for photography, but as well my stories, my thoughts and all my future ideas. It’s my way of bringing you along with me on my continuous mission of becoming a better content creator, it’s my way of bringing you along with me on my adventure and above all it’s my way of sharing my world with you.