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My Latest Work

Who am I?

Andrei Osman is a Romanian digital content creator and award- winning photographer based in Sweden. His work focuses primarily on travel and documentary photography – aiming to capture the beauty and authenticity of destinations, as well as authentic irreplicable moments from the lives of the locals. Andrei has been awarded for his work by the EU Parliament for two years in a row and by other organizations, had his work exhibited in 8 countries, on 3 continents, and collaborated with numerous social media accounts, online magazines, and newspapers. In the past years, he has represented Sweden in the prestigious Kerala Blog Express and several other press trips, as well as collaborating with over 34 tourism boards.

What is Abubu’s World?

Abubu’s World is an international travel photo blog that aims to spark the curiosity of its audience in regard to the world and encourage them to go explore it, try new things, and seek authentic experiences.

PS: The website is currently under construction. For more details and for collaborations, please make sure to contact me the contact form below or via email at: andrei@abubusworld.com

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